we are true lovers of candles and fragrances. but also traveling takes a big part of who we are as a brand. we got introduced to eco-friendly candles while strolling through farmers markets throughout the world. we tried to find similar candles closer to home but with not much success. so we made it our mission to create our own.

after many hours (yes, even years) of experimenting with wax, fragrances and various different designs, we found what became Feu des Fleurs in 2017.


do you know that feeling of chasing after that one scent that will bring back a certain memory, will transport you to a different place, a different time?

the smell of the flowers that grew in your childhood backyard, the roadtrip along the coast with the windows down to let the breeze in, the perfume of your favorite person?

yes, we do too!

that is why all our scents are inspired by our travels, nature and most precious memories


each of our products is developed and sourced with intention. we strive to get the most sustainable materials to lower our ecological footprint whenever possible.  all our candles are hand-poured in small batches in our ateliers Belgium and Switzerland.